Current vibration testing techniques traditionally use Frequency Domain methods to allow for conservative test profiles to be created. While these methods are suitable for many applications, and preferred for their convenience, in many cases they result in overtesting and unrealistic damage.

SoftWire Systems has developed Aquila, vibration profile creation tool with a simplified user interface that converts measured accelerometer data into Power Spectral Density (PSD) profiles for use in mechanical vibration testing. It makes mission profile tailoring and test planning simple and efficient, whilst maintaining a high level of customization. It utilizes advanced damage equivalent methods (such as the Fatigue Damage Spectrum) without the requirement for complex software, or proprietary hardware. Aquila allows test specifications to be rapidly updated by the systems engineer to provide agile test planning and execution.

Key features of the Aquila Vibration Profiling Tool include:

  • Profile creation with multiple fatigue/dynamic properties that automatically combine using statistical analysis to allow for conservative profile specification across a range of material types
  • Instantaneously modify the equivalent damage test time to balance testing duration with recommended severity amplification levels
  • Automated and customizable report generation
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) creation functionality
  • Inputs and outputs in generic CSV format for easy importation of data, and universal export format for use in a range of shaker controllers
  • Access to expertise and advise on test profile generation methods/limitations and applications
  • Regular updates and feature improvement based on customer feedback

Aquila Brochure

The Aquila brochure contains more information about existing methodolgy and how Aquila can reduce complexity for your vibration specialists.

Download the Aquila PDF brochure

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