Automated data capture and integration of shop floor equipment with line of business applications enables significant cost savings as well as productivity and quality improvements.

BEMES provides a core platform for capturing data from shop floor equipment, bridging the gap with line of business applications, and providing a complete and detailed picture of all manufacturing operations.

The system can be flexibly configured to provide the following features:

  • Two-way integration with shop floor equipment
  • Batch or serialised assembly
  • Integration with line of business applications such as ERP systems
  • Enforce process checks and production workflow rules
  • Capture & display detailed production records
  • Manage process recipes
  • Manage equipment configuration and calibration
  • Configure test and process parameters
  • Manage shop floor work orders
  • Goods inwards inspection & inventory management
  • Manual inspection & data entry
  • Dynamically select and display work instructions
  • Integration with existing infrastructure, such as label printing
  • Extensible reporting options via Web API's or direct database integration

Core services are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, offering the following benefits:

  • High availability and security
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ability to scale up or down to meet capacity demands
  • Ability to capture data from multiple manufacturing facilities in different geographic regions
  • Single sign on with customers existing directory services
  • Access to Microsoft Azure platform services including reporting and advanced analytics

BEMES Brochure

The BEMES brochure contains more information about the architecture and how BEMES can give you the data you need to improve your production processes.

Download the BEMES PDF brochure

Please Contact Us if you require further information about how we can use BEMES as a starting point to automate your Data Management.