To complete in a global marketplace, local manufacturers must be automating their processes and using data to improve throughput and yield.

SoftWire Systems has the expertise to deliver both production stations and data management capabilities under the same roof. This unique combination ensures a frictionless delivery of robust reliable shop floor capabilities, tailored to the particular business requirements for our clients.

We are equally comfortable delivering solutions to meet any of the following scenarios:

  • Integrating with existing MES systems
  • Designing and deploying new systems from the ground up
  • Customising our off-the-shelf offering, BEMES .

Excellence Award Finalist

The SoftWire Data Management System was used for the upgrade of the Zip Hydrotap Production Line. This line, which also included test and assembly stations designed and developed by SoftWire Systems, was recently announced as a finalist in the 2020 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.

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