SoftWire Systems is proud to be a distributor of Surfx Technologies innovative plasma dispensing products to the ANZ market.

The AtomFlo plasma systems are a standout for their ability to deliver electrically neutral plasma with no streamers, no sparks, no electrostatic discharge (ESD), no ultraviolet (UV) light, and no particles. This allows plasma cleaning and activation to be safely integrated into electronics assembly lines.

Download the AtomFlo PDF brochure

In our Sydney office, we also have a range of Surfx machines available for demonstrations. This includes the STA machine - a fully automated production systems designed to accurately and repeatably dispense plasma in a high volume manufacturing environment. We have been working with Surfx on this product for a number of years now, and are excited about the wide applications of this technology.

Download the STA-10 PDF brochure

Please Contact Us for a demo if any of the following is of interest to you:.

  • Plasma delivered at atmospheric pressure for surface treatment
  • Plasma delivered with no sparks, ions, electronics or electrostatic discharge
  • Plasma delivered as an in-line process (integrated or as a standalone system)

Further information about Surfx Technologies and their applications can be found on their website (click logo below).